Maryland LP nominates four candidates

For Immediate Release Thursday, July 9, 2009

(From the Maryland LP) Timonium, MD — The Libertarian Party of Maryland has nominated four candidates in the upcoming 2010 election. In the First District, Dr. Richard Davis has been nominated as the Libertarian candidate for Congress; he ran in 2008. Lorenzo Gaztaaga has accepted the nomination for the Second Congressional district again; he ran in 2008. In the House of Delegates two individuals have been nominated: Justin Kinsey in District 5B, and Brandon Brooks in District 11.

Dr. Richard Davis, the Libertarian Party’s First District Congressional candidate, is a Hurlock, MD resident and operates a Dentist office out of Federalsburg, MD. In 2008 he accepted the Libertarian Party’s nomination for Congress in the First District, where he received 8,873 votes (2.5% of the vote). His mild manner and firm grasp of the issues attracted many voters. Dr. Davis can be contacted at (410) 943-8314.

Lorenzo Gaztaaga has been chosen to run for the Second Congressional District seat; this will be his second run for Congress. Mr. Gaztaaga was born in Cuba and became an American Citizen in 1973. He attended Loyola College and Towson State University, majoring in History and Political Science. During the 1980’s he studied Psychology at the University of Baltimore. Mr. Gaztaaga currently works in a security business. He is active in his church, Cliftmont Community Wesleyan Church. In 2008 Lorenzo got 8,786 votes (3.2%) in his run for the Second District seat. Mr. Gaztaaga can be contacted at (410) 325-2813 and email at .

Justin Kinsey has been nominated as the Libertarian Party’s candidate for Maryland House of Delegates District 5B. Mr. Kinsey is a Sparks, Maryland resident. He works as a Patient Transportation Coordinator for Northwest Hospital in Randallstown and he is a part time EMT. Mr. Kinsey is also an instructor at the University of Maryland Fire and Rescue Institute. He currently attends Baltimore County Community College where he is Double Majoring in Sociology and Political science. His website,, is scheduled to be up on July 13, 2009. He can be reached at (410) 456-3584 and email at .

House of delegates District 11 candidate Brandon Brooks is a longtime resident of Pikesville, MD. Mr. Brooks is an Electricians Assistant in a family business. He is a graduate of Western School of Technology Science in Catonsville, MD and specialized in Information Technology. Mr. Brooks has been a part of the Civil Air Patrol, where he has been involved in search and rescue operations, and training other personnel. This is Mr. Brooks’ first time running for elected office. His contact information is (410) 207-1458, , and his website is

The Maryland Libertarian Party is proud to present its first group of candidates for the upcoming 2010 election. The MdLP plans to run candidates for all federal offices and some county and state offices.

For more information on this issue, or to arrange an interview with the Maryland Libertarian Party, please call Communications Director Muir Boda at (410) 603-3347, or email at .

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