Most Dangerous Part of Bush Legacy is What Cannot Be Seen

For Immediate Release Friday, January 16, 2009

Libertarian Party Faults Bush Administration With Pushing Idea that Government is an Agent of Good

America’s largest third party says the most dangerous part of President George Bush’s legacy is that which cannot be seen. “President Bush leaves office after eight years having pushed the idea that people should trust the government because it knows what’s right for them,” says Libertarian Party spokesperson Andrew Davis. “This is the most dangerous facet of the Bush legacy.”

“In a matter of decades, we have gone from President Reagan who said the nine most terrifying words in the English language are: ‘I’m from the government and I’m here to help,’ to President Bush, who considers those words to be inspirational and rousing,” says Davis.

“Americans, especially conservatives, have been brainwashed into trusting — without question — that the government will do the right thing,” says Davis. “What have we gotten in exchange? A bigger, more powerful government that has shown no fidelity to civil liberties or the Constitution.”

“Americans forgot that enemies of freedom are both foreign and domestic,” says Davis.

“Bush leaves office with many Republicans looking at government the same as their Democratic colleagues,” says Davis. “They see government as an agent of good in society, rather than an agent of corruption or iniquity. The economy can rebound and civil liberties can be restored, but ideas have lasting consequences. The idea that government can be unquestionably trusted will have disastrous consequences for liberty in the United States,” explains Davis.

“The most terrifying phrase a citizen of a free country can hear is, ‘In Government We Trust,'” says Davis.

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