Print materials needed to play “Who’s Driving?”

Who’s Driving? Introduction | Why is Who’s Driving? needed? | How to play Who’s Driving? | Leader instructions for setting up and playing Who’s Driving? | When to raise the Big Government card versus when to raise the Liberty card | Scoring (optional) | Print materials needed to play Who’s Driving?


To play Who’s Driving? you need the following materials:

A. Print these hand-outs – one per participant:

  1. Sample interview questions
  2. Sample Segues
  3. Sample Libertarian Solutions
  4. Sample benefits of Libertarian Solutions
  5. Score card (optional)

B. Liberty/Big Government playing cards

You need one pair of Liberty/Big Government playing cards for each participant (including audience members and the leader).

Get 8-1/2″ x 11″ sheets of card stock (or heavy paper) in yellow and in red (that have color on both sides). Cut them in half. Write “Liberty” on both sides of the yellow cards and “Big Government” on both sides of the red cards.

5 sheets of red and 5 sheets of yellow will yield 10 pairs of cards (enough for 9 audience members and the leader, while 2 people are playing the game who don’t need cards)