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We’re constantly adding new names, and removing a few as well. If you see that any candidates are missing, please e-mail our Candidate and Affiliate Support Specialist, Bob Johnston, with any details right away.

If you are a candidate and notice your website is missing from our listing, we’d love to know about it so we can help people find out about your campaign.

Congratulations to Texas for having the most candidates this year: 102!

This table shows the count of candidates from each state:

State Candidates State Candidates State Candidates
Alabama 4 Kentucky 15 North Dakota 1
Alaska 4 Louisiana 12 Ohio 28
Arizona 10 Maine 3 Oklahoma 18
Arkansas 32 Maryland 20 Oregon 29
California 6 Massachusetts 2 Pennsylvania 30
Colorado 33 Michigan 43 Rhode Island 0
Connecticut 12 Minnesota 9 South Carolina 10
District of Columbia 4 Mississippi 1 South Dakota 9
Delaware 8 Missouri 29 Tennessee 2
Florida 26 Montana 22 Texas 102
Georgia 10 Nebraska 7 Utah 17
Hawaii 5 Nevada 9 Vermont 4
Idaho 5 New Hampshire 24 Virginia 5
Illinois 16 New Jersey 14 Washington 5
Indiana 36 New Mexico 13 West Virginia 11
Iowa 28 New York 25 Wisconsin 8
Kansas 12 North Carolina 49 Wyoming 2
Grand Total: 829

NOTE: Chart adjusted after Aug. 7 primary elections, from a grand total of 837 to 829.


Many thanks to all of our candidates who have thrown their hats into the ring in 2018!

A special shout out to at least four candidates in Washington state who advanced through the top-two primary yesterday to the November election, and to Bill Gelineau for winning the first-ever contested Libertarian primary for governor in Michigan.

Wes Benedict

Wes Benedict
Executive Director