Some big press endorsements!

Dear Libertarian,

One of my greatest joys as national chair is bragging on our many, wonderful candidates.

Let me take a quick minute to highlight two major press endorsements of Libertarian candidates.

This week, Jeff Hewitt was endorsed by The Press-Enterprise and Daniel Fishman was endorsed by The Boston Globe!

Kudos to both The Press-Enterprise and The Boston Globe for having open minds and prioritizing quality candidates. I am glad they are giving our candidates the credit they deserve.

We are going to be sending you more emails this week. If you prefer fewer emails, I apologize. We’ll decrease the volume soon after Election Day but we have so many great things to share with you right now. Frankly, I wish we could send you an email about each of our fantastic candidates this year but your mailboxes would be flooded. Instead, staff is trying to highlight as many of our candidates as possible via social media and other avenues. This is keeping them very busy! We have so many excellent candidates running aggressive campaigns on important topics this year.

Please join me in thanking our 827 courageous candidates who are working so hard these final days before Election Day.

Nicholas Sarwark
Chair, Libertarian National Committee

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