Standing up to bullies in Ohio

Dear Libertarian,

As you know, the Libertarian Party is determined to achieve full ballot access again in 2018 so that there will be Libertarian candidates on every ballot in America in November.

Right now, the primary focus of the national party’s ballot access efforts is Ohio.

In Ohio, repeatedly, we have been deprived of ballot access by Republican establishment hacks, who used a “guileless dupe” to remove us from the ballot and then used their courts stacked with partisan judges to keep us off.

But we will not be kept down, and we will not tolerate these injustices.

We will achieve ballot access in Ohio and are doing the hard work every day to make that happen.

We are currently 75% towards the minimum petition signatures required.

But, because this is Ohio and because the Republicans there will do anything they can to keep us off the ballot, we are going to collect a bunch of extra signatures. With that higher goal, this drive is 63% complete.

Based on current projections, we’ll finish the Ohio drive in February.

After we finish Ohio, our focus will then turn to achieving party-wide ballot access in Tennessee for the first time ever.

Thank you for your support of nationwide ballot access. This is incredibly important work for growing our party and standing up to the tyranny of two-party rule.

If you’d like to invest in this critical work, please do so here:

All of your donations via this link go directly to ballot access petitioning and standing up to the bullies in Ohio and elsewhere.

Ken Moellman

Chair, Ballot Access Committee

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