Today: Elite Eight round of March Mayhem convention theme contest!

2020 Libertarian National Convention in Austin, Texas

Quick! Make your play!

The 2020 Pay-to-Play Libertarian National Convention Theme Contest brought in 63 submissions, resulting in 58 unique themes. So far, voting has brought the donation total to $15,536 toward convention expenses! ONLY the top four themes will advance out of this Elite Eight round of the March Mayhem Theme Tournament, which begins TODAY, on March 26. As the number of themes shrinks, try to keep your theme alive. If you’ve been waiting for the right time, come off the bench and get in the game.

Keep in mind that theme contest donations count toward national Libertarian Party Lifetime Membership. A single donation of $1,500 gets you that Lifetime Membership you’ve wanted AND could help put your favorite theme into the Final Four round.

All theme totals are cumulative, so they carry throughout the whole contest. Tournament theme contenders will be determined by donations (votes). One dollar equals one vote, so vote early and vote often!

Don’t get fooled by someone else’s last-second play on April 1! Vote NOW to help your favorite theme advance to the next round!

Congratulations to the winners of our Presidential Debate straw poll and thank you to everyone who participated! Use the bottom below to view the results!