Undecided voters are ready for YOU


Gary Johnson for President and World's Smallest Political Quiz literature from LP Store [dot] org (color photo)

Dear fellow Libertarian,

There may never be another election in our lifetime when so many voters have remained undecided this late in the election.

There may never be so many people showing up at the polls on Election Day who are still undecided.

The sample ballot or hand card you give them that day may change their mind.

Record numbers of people are voting absentee or voting early.

The sign they see you waving as they drive through an intersection in the next week may be the one thing that tips the scale and results in their voting Libertarian.

The yard signs you mount in your area could convince dozens — or hundreds — of voters to take the plunge and vote Libertarian.

How would you like to reduce the votes for Democrat Hillary Clinton, reduce votes for Republican Donald Trump, and add votes for Libertarian Gary Johnson — and every Libertarian on the ballot in your area?

In many states, those votes could give the LP ballot-access status.

In every state, more votes mean more growth, more progress, and an ever brighter future for the Libertarian Party.

Some Libertarians in close races could win their election because of you.

Or you could change the outcome between the Democrat and Republican — forcing politicians and the media to take Libertarian candidates and their proposals more seriously.

You can still order yard signs or hand cards from LPStore.org. Orders will ship the next day.

You can also make your own literature or see what the Libertarians in your area may have available.

If you’re more comfortable working indoors, consider helping to keep the election honest by signing up to be a poll worker.

Or find out whether local Libertarians have arranged phone banking in your area. Or click here to make calls and send text messages for the Johnson campaign.

The time is now to maximize your impact on this historic 2016 election!

Please do what you can in the next week to Get Out The Libertarian Vote!

Yours in liberty,

Nicholas Sarwark
Chair, Libertarian National Committee