Virginia LP gubernatorial candidate on the ballot

Cliff Hyra

Cliff Hyra, the 2017 Virginia Libertarian Party candidate for governor, will appear on the ballot this November. The Virginia Department of Elections has confirmed that the campaign had submitted more than 10,000 valid signatures from registered voters, with at least 400 signatures from each of the state’s 11 congressional districts.

Hyra will be the only choice on the November 2017 ballot other than the Republican and Democratic nominees.

This is the third time that a Virginia Libertarian candidate for governor has appeared on the ballot, and only the second time a minor party in the state has run a candidate for governor in consecutive general elections. The Socialist Party placed a candidate for governor on the ballot in four successive elections, from 1941 through 1953, when the petition requirement was only 250 signatures. The Virginia LP ran a candidate for governor in 2001 and 2013.

To attain ballot access in Virginia, Hyra must get at least 10 percent of the vote. In 2013, Libertarian gubernatorial candidate Rob Sarvis attained more than 6 percent. The LPVA has never been a recognized party in Virginia.

Thanks to Richard Winger of Ballot Access News for this news.

Hyra For Governor campaign website: