Walter Block: It’s time to rally behind the Libertarian Party

Walter Block
Walter Block

Economist Walter Block, long-time libertarian activist and author of the controversial book Defending the Undefendable, recently argued that the Republican Party has so completely failed as a potential vehicle to bring about libertarian-leaning policy that it’s time for everybody who has libertarian views to rally behind the Libertarian Party.

Block wrote the following at “Live Free Blog,” a forum from the Jack News:

With the Republican Party led by an individual who continually breaks his promises (most recently, to get out of Afghanistan), and a Democratic Party intent on implementing the public policies of Bernie Sanders (his foreign policy isn’t all bad, but his domestic agenda is pure socialism), now perhaps more than ever before it is important to promote an alternative to the two major parties. And what is this, you may ask? I’ll tell you: it is the Libertarian Party. It, too, is imperfect, as are all of mankind’s creations (ok, ok, Bach and Mozart are exceptions), but it is the last best hope for the human race.

So let us all get behind the LP, and support it, not only with financial contributions, but in every other way we can think of. Run for office! Provide for those who do step forward in this manner. Leaflet. Go to right wing meetings such as those which support the Second Amendment, and to left wing groups, for example, NORML, and spread the word for liberty and the LP. Use the Nolan chart on them. Try it, you’ll like it!

The Johnson Weld team hit an unprecedented 3%, and this is the time to build on that sterling accomplishment. But do not compromise on principle. Always keep in mind the non-aggression principle and private property rights based on homesteading and legitimate (voluntary) title transfer. These are the bedrocks of our beloved philosophy. Let us all become Rothbardians and Ron Paulians now.