Will you be a candidate — or make calls for Alison Foxall?

Dear Libertarian,

We need you to run for office.

In a moment, I’m going to ask you to run for office — any office. But first, I want to see if you’ll make phone calls to get out the vote for Alison Foxall’s campaign for state representative.

Alison is in a special election this Tuesday, Feb. 13, in Florida, but you can make calls from anywhere in the United States.

Alison is the only candidate in her race to be endorsed by a major local newspaper.

Alison has several people making calls already, but hopes to put 10 to 20 more people to work right away. Will you spend a couple of hours this weekend phone banking to the voters that haven’t voted yet?

Two hours of your time can reach as many as 180 voters. Alison’s campaign is ready to get your started. Sign up to phone bank here: foxallforflorida.com/volunteer

The Libertarian Party’s nationwide goal for 2018 is to run 2,000 Libertarian candidates.

We already have 423 of those planned candidates listed on LP.org, plus another 60 on a secret list. That’s 483 candidates total toward our goal of 2,000.

A potential candidate is placed on our list if we know about them and if they:

  1. Have declared they are running
  2. Articulate a specific race they are running for
  3. Know and understand the filing requirements and are working toward meeting them (or are working with their state party on this)

If they fill all three requirements, we add them to the website. State parties can request certain candidates not to be listed on the website, and a few states prefer to withhold all of their candidates until they are officially nominated.

But most of you we want to list right away to help you get noticed. We can’t start promoting you if we don’t know about you.

If you’re a candidate and not already on our list, please send a note to bob.johnston@lp.org.

If you’re even just a little bit interested in running for office, please go to LP.org/run and fill out the form. A representative from the LP will follow-up with you shortly.


Wes Benedict

Wes Benedict
Executive Director