What will your Independence Day resolution be?

Dear Libertarian,

Over 200 years ago, our founders had the audacity to take on the most powerful bully on the planet: King George.

And, despite incredible odds, they won.

But, sadly, our liberties are still at risk, every day.

Today, we continue to denounce oppressive taxes, intrusive government, interventionist foreign wars, and more.

On New Year’s Day, many of us make resolutions for the coming year.

Today, I challenge you to start a new tradition of making an Independence Day resolution each year.

What will you do this year to champion the cause of liberty?

Will you run for office as a Libertarian?

Will you support Libertarian candidates or elected officials?

Will you talk with your family, friends, and neighbors about how their liberties are at stake and what they can do about it?

Will you display a Libertarian bumper sticker on your car or hand out Libertarian brochures at an event?

Will you donate to the Libertarian Party so that we can grow?

Friend, I proudly serve the Libertarian Party because I believe that this organization is the best champion for liberty. We carry the torch lit by our founders.

Let’s resolve to carry on their proud tradition of standing up to bullies and intrusive government.

The Libertarian Party is aiming to have 2,000 Libertarian candidates on ballots in the 2018 mid-term elections. That is three times the number of candidates we had on ballots in the 2014 mid-term elections. It is a stretch goal for us … and it is a goal worth stretching for.

Reaching that kind of capacity will do wonders for carrying our message, strengthening our candidates up and down the ballot, and catching media and voter attention. We are reaching for hitting a political tipping point. It is only possible if Libertarians such as you are committed to helping make it happen.

Will you help us accomplish this goal?

All of the actions I mentioned above are meaningful contributions towards this goal. I encourage you to chose the one or more that best fits you.

What will your Independence Day resolution be?

Nicholas Sarwark
Chair, Libertarian National Committee

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