2 New Hampshire Libertarians elected to town budget committee

Richard Manzo and Spencer Dias

Richard Manzo (left) and Spencer Dias (right)

Two New Hampshire Libertarians, Richard Manzo and Spencer Dias, were elected to the Goffstown Budget Committee on March 12, 2019. Manzo had been appointed to the committee in 2018 to fill a vacancy. Both will serve a three-year term on the committee.

The budget committee prepares the town budget. The residents of the town can amend the budget and individual items by simple majority at one of two public hearings. The budget committee then votes on whether or not to recommend the amended budget, which will appear on the ballot. The budget and individual items then appear on the ballot for approval or rejection by the citizens of the town.

Both men now have the opportunity to implement Libertarian ideas at the local level.

“Serving on the Budget Committee through the last budget season, and seeing how the yearly budget is developed, has been a great experience and I’m glad the voters of Goffstown have given me a second term,” Manzo said. “As a Libertarian I would say I’m naturally more skeptical of government spending, which makes me well suited for the task I’ve been given by the voters to lower the tax burden.”

Their election also sets a precedent for more Libertarian Party involvement in the years to come.

“Often enough, just getting involved with local politics yields strong results,” Dias said. “If every Libertarian ran for local office, our foundations for the party would be as strong as granite. My election to the Goffstown Budget Committee will form a foundation for future Libertarian developments in Goffstown and New Hampshire.”

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