4 more Libertarians elected to office in Illinois, Oklahoma

Libertarian Party of Illinois and Libertarian Party of Oklahoma

Four Libertarians were elected to local office on April 2, two each from Illinois and Oklahoma. Brandon Wisenburg was elected to be a trustee of Peoria Heights Village in Illinois, Aisha Pickett was elected to be treasurer of Harvey in Illinois, Chad Williams was elected to a Ward 1 seat on the City Council of Choctaw in Oklahoma, and Josh Clark was elected to the District 2 Office 4 position on the board of Dale Public Schools in Oklahoma.

Williams and Clark are probably the first two Libertarian Party elected officials in Oklahoma, according to Richard Winger, editor and publisher of Ballot Access News. They join current Libertarian officeholder David Greer, who was appointed last year to the Dougherty City Council in Oklahoma. Greer’s seat will be up for election in April 2020.

Wisenburg finished third out of seven candidates for the position of Peoria Heights Village trustee. The top three were elected.

Pickett finished first in a two-way race for Harvey treasurer. She had 1,797 votes in comparison to her competitor’s 1,596 votes.

Williams finished first in his two-way race for Choctaw City Council Ward 1, winning by two votes. He had 95 votes in comparison to his competitor’s 93.

Clark finished first in his two-way race for Dale Public Schools, District 2 Office 4, winning by six votes. He had 55 votes in comparison to his competitor’s 49.

The Libertarian Party has now had seven of its candidates elected or appointed to office in 2019, and the party currently has 183 elected officials altogether.