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Advanced Voting Methods can Save our Elections

This weekend, hundreds of Libertarians will be traveling to Sparks-Reno, NV to participate in the 2020 Libertarian National Convention. During this time the delegates representing all 50 states will be voting on proposed changes to the national platform and bylaws, and will be electing a new national committee to oversee the Party for the next […]

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Libertarians on Abortion

Updated to remove platform language that was removed at the 2022 National Convention. On May 2, 2022 a leaked report showed that the Supreme Court of the United States would be overturning the 1973 Roe vs. Wade decision that affirmed that there is a Constitutional right for someone to obtain an abortion.  Abortion is likely […]

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PRESS RELEASE: WY Gov Signs First Tri-Partisan Piece of Legislation

  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   Wyoming Governor holds a formal bill signing for state’s first tri-partisan piece of Legislation Cheyenne, WY — On Wednesday, March 9th, at approximately 2pm MST, Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon signed four bills into law, including HB 81, the state’s first ever tri-partisan piece of legislation. Libertarian Representative Marshall Burt authored […]

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Libertarian Response (1200 × 628 px)

The Libertarian Response to the State of the Union

Delivered by LNC Chair, Whitney Bilyeu on Tuesday, March 1, 2022   For just over 230 years, the President of the United States has addressed Congress and the nation to deliver an annual message. This message has been delivered during good times and bad, times of prosperity and times of need, and throughout most of […]

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PRESS RELEASE: LP Given Minority Party Status, Committee Appointments In WY

  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   The Libertarian Party Given Minority Party Status And Committee Appointments In Wyoming   Cheyenne, Wyoming — On Wednesday, February 16, Wyoming House of Representatives Speaker Eric Barlow named the Libertarian Party an official minority party in the state legislature for the first time in state history. This was done when […]

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The American [Inflation] Plan

On January 19th, 2022, Joe Biden marked the end of his first year as President with a press conference in which he painted a flowery picture of the state of our nation. Included in his rosy report were millions of new jobs, low unemployment, a 30% increase in new business applications, and a “raise” in […]

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End It Now

Rational people have done their best to work together and do what needs to be done to navigate through a global pandemic. Our government has lied, hidden information, mandated policies based on faulty assumptions, and refused to follow its own orders. It is time for it to end — all of it.    We all […]

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Three Questions That Change A Lifetime

Originally published in LPNews, December 2021   When I was 14 years old, I started paying attention to the political world around me. As a “good Christian girl” from a “good Christian home”, this meant that I started watching The O’Reilly Factor and Hannity and Colmes at night with my parents and also started paying […]

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Libertarian Party

LP Executive Director on Sirius XM

In this interview, Libertarian Party Executive Director Tyler Harris talks about President Biden’s first 100 days, the Democrats’ failures  on immigration and criminal justice reform, the Republicans’ failures of fiscal sanity, and the culture of tribalism we live within. He also shares an exciting update on the growth of the Libertarian Party in 2021. LISTEN […]

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STIMULUS 2: Overstimulation

Sometimes politicians learn quickly. Now that Republicans and the Democrats have figured out that paying Americans with their own money is a winning strategy, the ruling class has decided to use the tool again and again. Instead of stimulating the economy by slashing taxes or allowing businesses to operate fully, the duopoly is in the […]

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