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Dr. Kyle Varner speaks about liberty for Venezuela


Dear Libertarian, Libertarians across the country and globe are working every day to make their communities more free. I’d like to share with you a video made by one of our members, Dr. Kyle Varner, about the ongoing situation in Venezuela. It is being shown around Venezuela. Click the image to watch. It has English […]

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Cara Schulz and family

Making a difference

Dear Libertarian, Let me share a heartwarming story with you about the difference an elected official can make is someone’s life. Libertarian Cara Schulz serves on the city council in Burnsville, Minn., and her experience in office provides a powerful example: Cara writes, “A man who is currently homeless signed up to speak during the […]

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Dan Fishman

Dan Fishman joins Libertarian Party staff as executive director

Dear Libertarian, Please join me in welcoming Dan Fishman as executive director of the Libertarian Party. Dan brings an impressive set of professional and political skills to the role. Professionally, he has a background in special education along with more than two decades of experience in computer science. Politically, he has run Libertarian campaigns for […]

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If you don't rein in government, who will?

Huge press hit, 2 notable polls!

Dear Libertarian, What a week! Earlier this week, County Supervisor Jeff Hewitt delivered the Libertarian Party’s State of the Union. It was a message about the tremendous human progress that has been enabled by institutions that protect property rights, contracts, and reining in arbitrary power. He also spoke about the need for reform in areas […]

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Make freedom your single issue.

2018 Libertarian Party victories and 2019 goals

Dear Libertarian, Thanks to the efforts of committed Libertarian Party members like you, 2018 was a landmark year in many ways. We had 53 candidate wins at the ballot box, 38 of them prevailing in the general November election in Arizona, California, Florida, Indiana, Kentucky, Minnesota, Nebraska, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Vermont. Jeff Hewitt, […]

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LNC Vice Chair Alex Merced, Chair Nicholas Sarwark, and Secretary Caryn Ann Harlos

Our playbook

Friend, Super Bowls are won in the off-season. When the TV cameras aren’t rolling, football players spend their months conditioning, strength training, and running plays. Those months and years of preparation determine who wins on game day. The same holds true in politics. Elections are won through months, and years, of preparation and work long […]

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