Huffington Post on Gov. Gary Johnson presidential campaign

Huffington Post Hill editor wrote:

“If you’re a Republican who can’t stand to vote for Donald Trump, Gary Johnson might be your guy.”

“…The way Johnson sees it, there’s a “vast middle” of the electorate that would be drawn to his socially liberal, economically conservative platform and turned off by the polarizing figures that are likely to secure the two main parties’ nominations.”

“…During a discussion of his open-market plan for health care reform, Johnson envisioned an America teeming with minute-clinics, ‘If we had a free market model for health insurance, we would have insurance to cover ourselves for catastrophic injury and illness and we would pay-as-you-go in a system that was very, very affordable,’ he said. ‘Stitches ‘R’ Us! Gallbladders ‘R’ Us!'”

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