Libertarian Party Welcomes Refugees from the Republican and Democratic Parties

For Immediate Release Wednesday, March 16, 2016

It looks increasingly likely that Mr. Trump and Sec. Clinton will be the nominees for the Republican and Democratic Parties.

Neither candidate is a friend to liberty. And freedom-loving Americans everywhere are deeply concerned.

For quite some time, Pew Research Center polls have consistently shown that more Americans identify as “independent” than as Republicans or Democrats.

Now, many Republican primary voters are considering voting for non-Republican candidates in the general election.

A Fox News exit poll shows that over half of Republican primary voters who did not vote for Mr. Trump report interest in voting for a third-party or independent candidate in the general election if Mr. Trump receives the Republican nomination.

Here in the Libertarian Party, we are friends of refugees…those fleeing war torn countries, those fleeing desperate poverty, and also those fleeing despotic candidates such as Mr. Trump and Sec. Clinton.

We welcome former Republicans and Democrats who value “liberty and justice for all” to find a new home in the Libertarian Party.

Libertarianism is the idea that you should be free to make your own decisions in all aspects of your life as long as you don’t infringe upon the rights of others.

Chair Nicholas Sarwark says, “If you are one of the millions of Americans who no longer feel you have a voice in the Republican or Democratic Parties, we welcome you to join us in our fight for the rights of ordinary Americans to be free to raise their families, run their businesses, and pursue happiness in any way that’s peaceful.”

We are an incredibly diverse party, truly representing folks from every walk of life, who genuinely care about the rights of each person. We believe firmly that all rights, of all people, matter all the time. That is a key difference between us and the older parties, each of which is plagued with special interests that undermine the rights of some.

Liberty-loving Republicans and Democrats, we invite you to declare your independence and vote Libertarian in November.