Libertarian sues to stop Republicans from replacing Lt. Governor candidate in Nebraska

Mark Elworth Jr.
Mark Elworth Jr.

Libertarian Mark Elworth Jr., running for governor in Nebraska, is suing to stop the Republican Party from replacing the Republican nominee for lieutenant governor after the deadline.

Republican Secretary of State John Gale has violated Nebraska law by allowing the Republicans to replace Lavon Heidemann after the Sept. 2 deadline. Heidemann has gotten into legal trouble, and apparently has become an embarrassment for the Republicans.

According to the Lincoln Journal Star, Elworth commented, “For me the issue is not about whose name appears on the ballot. The issue for me is … the rule of law governing this state, not the desire of one politician to get his way regardless of what the law says.”

Libertarians have become sensitive to Republican efforts to bend or break election laws, since Republicans have attempted to force Libertarian candidates off the ballot in several states this year.

In Ohio, Republicans used technicalities to remove Libertarians running for statewide office from the ballot.

In Illinois, Republicans have filed suit to remove Libertarian candidates for statewide offices. Earlier, armed investigators connected to Illinois Republicans attempted to intimidate Libertarian petitioners and petition signers.

Presumably, Republicans are motivated by the assumption that Libertarians give their candidates a disadvantage relative to Democrats. Ironically, evidence is mounting that this assumption is wrong.