Libertarian Party submits statement in opposition to Oregon "top two"

For Immediate Release Thursday, September 18, 2014

Vote NO on Oregon Measure 90

Libertarian National Committee Chair Nicholas Sarwark submitted the below statement in opposition to Oregon’s “top two” ballot Measure 90 for inclusion in the state’s voter pamphlet.

The pamphlet is being mailed to each voter household in the state in advance of the November election.

Vote No on Measure 90

Oregon 2014 Statewide Ballot Initiative

Measure 90 takes away your choice.

Imagine a store where you can buy Coke, Pepsi, juice, energy drinks, water, and many other beverages. But you go back to the store in November and can only buy Coke or Pepsi. Or, even worse, only Coke and Diet Coke. You don’t drink soda, but that’s all they have because Coke and Pepsi were the most popular beverages earlier in the year.

You wouldn’t put up with a store that didn’t let you buy juice because it wasn’t one of the top two beverages. Why put up with it when choosing political leaders?

How much choice do you have when the only two candidates on the ballot in November are two Democrats, two Republicans, or one of each?

That’s what happens in California and Washington where only two candidates on Election Day is the law. General elections have only two candidates, often from the same party: two Democrats or two Republicans!

Robber barons in the 1800s passed laws to give themselves an economic monopoly. They used laws to corner the market, raise prices and rake in lucrative profits — without competition getting in their way.

Proponents of Measure 90 want a political monopoly. They want to shield their favored candidates — usually incumbents — from competition. They want to pander to their special-interest pals — without political challengers getting in their way.

Proponents claim Measure 90 will increase voter turnout in primary elections. But after California passed this law, the 2014 primary election had the lowest voter turnout in history.

Measure 90 greases the skids for incumbents and multi-millionaires while practically outlawing grassroots candidates who offer voters fresh choices from new political parties, Democratic and Republican challengers, independents, and write-in candidates.

Many measures could substantially improve voter participation, but Measure 90 will make things worse. It hands elections to incumbents, millionaires, and elites while silencing the voice of everyday workers, taxpayers, and citizens.

Vote No on Measure 90.