LP Monday Message: Elected Libertarian list

Dear Friend of Liberty,

Nationwide, there are 142 Libertarians holding elected public office. Thirty-nine of them are partisan offices, and 103 are nonpartisan offices. You can view the entire list here.

If you know of an elected Libertarian who is not on this list, email us at campaigns@lp.org. Please include the words “elected libertarian” in the subject line.

When we’ve sent similar emails in the past, we’ve learned of as many as three or four who needed to be added to our list.

Because election laws vary so much from state to state, it’s not always easy to decide who should be on our list of elected Libertarians, particularly when it comes to nonpartisan races. Additionally, we give quite a bit of leeway to the state affiliates to decide who is or is not considered an elected Libertarian. In any case, below is an approximation of the criteria used to determine if someone qualifies to appear on the list of elected Libertarians compiled by the national Libertarian Party:

For partisan offices, the elected official must have appeared on the ballot with the party designation “Libertarian” or the elected official must currently be registered to vote as a Libertarian.

For nonpartisan offices, the elected official must be a current or former dues-paying member of the Libertarian Party or the elected official must currently be registered to vote as a Libertarian.

If you know of any elected officials who are not Libertarian, but have Libertarian principles, please invite them to join the Libertarian Party — the Party of Principle.™

And keep in mind, sometimes all you have to do to win an election is to file for the office. My recent home state of Louisiana has had three Libertarians win local offices because they were the only ones who filed.

It’s not too early to throw your hat into the ring for Spring 2014 elections.

Yours in liberty,

Wes Benedict
Executive Director
Libertarian National Committee