More Bailout MADNESS!! Are you fed up enough to run for Congress?

I can’t believe Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner wants to hand out billions more bailout money to GMAC!

And who knows if we’ll be able to stop the Obama government health care takeover? We couldn’t stop Bush and the Republican Congress from passing the $400 billion (later $1.2 trillion!) Medicare drug plan.

Are you mad enough to run for Congress as a Libertarian yourself? I hope so!

I helped 173 candidates get on the November 2008 ballot in Texas, including 29 for U.S. Representative. I hope you’ll donate to the national Libertarian Party right now so we can afford to have our staff spend time recruiting candidates all across America for the 2010 elections. America desperately needs a strong Libertarian Party and I hope you’ll help make the Libertarian Party stronger by making a party-building donation today!


Wes Benedict
Executive Director
Libertarian National Committee

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