Ohio LP chair: Stop using taxpayer money for political conventions

In an op-ed at Cleveland.com, Ohio LP chairman Kevin Knedler writes:

In March, President Obama signed a bill ending the direct federal aid that gave each of the old parties about $18.2 million for their 2012 conventions. But that doesn’t end the gravy train of tax money. A July 16 article on cleveland.com notes that Cleveland City Council voted to donate $2.5 million to help cover the costs of the GOP’s visit. The city is also “guaranteeing the possible use of city-owned facilities including FirstEnergy Stadium, Public Square, Malls A B and C, public areas of City Hall, Public Hall and a couple of city-owned parking garages,” a multi-million dollar value. Cleveland will also apply for a $50 million federal grant to cover security costs.

Libertarians think this kind of largess to the establishment political parties is just wrong.

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