Richmond Times-Dispatch: Let Gary Johnson debate

ImageFrom an editorial by the Richmond Times-Dispatch on September 17:

“Few points in politics are undebatable, but here’s one that is: If the National Commission on Presidential Debates — which claims that its core mission is to educate voters — refuses to allow Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson onto the big stage with Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, tens of millions of Americans will miss an opportunity to form their own impressions of the former New Mexico governor and his policy proposals. The commission should reverse the decision it made Friday to exclude Johnson.”

“As a two-term governor, Gary Johnson has spent more time in elected executive office than Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump combined. His views on fiscal policy, the size and scope of government, social tolerance, and international affairs are in many respects more in line with the views of most Americans than those of his opponents. The Times-Dispatch endorsed Johnson on Labor Day weekend. He has moved into double digits in several major national polls this month.

“We don’t doubt the good intentions of the debate commission. But we do wonder how it can justify excluding Johnson from the debate stage. All the man is asking is a chance to make his case. The American people deserve no less.”

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