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Call for Nominations: 2024 Libertarian Party Awards

LP members are invited to offer nominations for the following Libertarian Party awards, which will be presented at the 2024 LP National Convention in Washington, DC. Thomas Jefferson Leadership Award: Presented to the LP member whose achievements demonstrate outstanding leadership, impeccable character, and dedication to the principles and goals of the Party. Samuel Adams Activism […]

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Libertarian National Party to Host Ballot Access Symposium in Washington, DC August 19th

Event Panel Addresses Crisis for 3rd Parties Under New, Restrictive Requirements Washington, DC, August 7, 2023 — The Libertarian National Party will host a critical symposium focused on the current crisis in ballot access for third parties in the United States. The Ballot Access Symposium will take place August 19th from 7-9pm at the Washington […]

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Libertarian Party Works to Bring Aid to Hurricane Ian Victims

As Hurricane Ian sweeps Florida, the Libertarian National Committee is coordinating with members of the Libertarian Party of Florida to distribute supplies to people in need. People willing to support the party’s efforts can do so by purchasing any of the following items: water bottles; personal hygiene items; canned soups; granola bars; feminine hygiene products; […]

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Resolution in Support of H.J.RES.87

RESOLUTION IN SUPPORT OF H.J.RES.87 – DIRECTING THE REMOVAL OF UNITED STATES ARMED FORCES FROM HOSTILITIES IN THE REPUBLIC OF YEMEN THAT HAVE NOT BEEN AUTHORIZED BY CONGRESS Whereas, The 2001 AUMF authorized the President to deploy forces against the terrorist group Al Qaeda, but has been used by the Obama, Trump, and Biden Administrations […]

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PRESS RELEASE: LP Given Minority Party Status, Committee Appointments In WY

  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   The Libertarian Party Given Minority Party Status And Committee Appointments In Wyoming   Cheyenne, Wyoming — On Wednesday, February 16, Wyoming House of Representatives Speaker Eric Barlow named the Libertarian Party an official minority party in the state legislature for the first time in state history. This was done when […]

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Court Rules Against Third Parties and Suppresses Voter Choice in Georgia

In a display of blatant voter suppression and support for duopoly rule, the 11th Circuit Court has overturned a ruling in Georgia and restored one of the worst ballot access laws in the country.  In September, a long-awaited ruling was issued by a federal judge rightly recognizing Georgia’s signature-gathering requirement for third-party candidates seeking non-statewide […]

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Libertarian Party Shatters Records as Unprecedented Number of Libertarians Elected to Office

(Alexandria, VA) In a record-setting night, the Libertarian Party nearly doubles its number of elected officials across the country. The party estimates that voters across the United States elected approximately 150 candidates to office last night, with final totals expected to be much higher in the coming weeks due to close calls and write-in races. […]

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John Andrews

Maine State Rep. John Andrews Joins the Libertarian Party

***FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE*** REP. JOHN ANDREWS JOINS LIBERTARIAN PARTY Maine State Representative John Andrews, announced on Monday that he is joining the Libertarian Party. “I hope that many free thinking and liberty-minded Mainers will join me in taking this step,” Andrews said in his announcement. “Standing together on principle, we can have a positive impact […]

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9/2/2020 Washington D.C. The Libertarian Party joins me in offering our deepest condolences to Dr. Jo Jorgensen on the passing of her mother today. As anyone who has lost a parent can understand, it can be challenging to mourn while carrying out full daily obligations. As she takes some time to be with her family, […]

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