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Your right to defend yourself is under attack!

Your right to defend yourself is With the tragic deaths of over a dozen legally disarmed Americans in Georgia and Colorado earlier this month as a shield, Democrats in Washington, D.C. increased their push for ever more restrictions on legal firearms ownership. In addition to the usual targets of so-called “assault rifles” and background checks, […]

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Libertarian Party

Region 1 Alternate

Dear Liberty Friends of Region 1, I am writing to you today to let you know that on November 16, 2019 Johnny “Rocket” Adams resigned his role as your Region 1 Alternate to the LNC due to personal reasons. I sincerely wish Johnny the best of luck and am grateful for the contributions he gave […]

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Washington Post op-ed: Include Libertarian in Virginia gubernatorial debate

The debate has started over the number of debates for the 2017 Virginia gubernatorial race, according to a Washington Post op-ed. Democratic nominee Ralph Northam dismissed his Republican opponent’s proposal of 10 debates as a “publicity stunt,” and Republican nominee Ed Gillespie called Northam’s counter-offer of three debates “insulting.” The author prescribes a remedy: include […]

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