Laura Ebke wins primary!

Dear Libertarian,

I’m very happy to share that last night, one of our highest ranking elected Libertarians, Nebraska state senator Laura Ebke, decisively defeated the Republican governor’s hand-picked candidate in the primary to advance to the general election in November.

This was a “jungle primary”, where the two candidates who receive the most votes advance to the November general election. Laura was competing against two Republicans. Her opponents were well-funded and well-connected, and they sent out countless hit pieces on her in the last few weeks.

But thousands of Libertarians rallied behind Laura, donating time and money to help her campaign. And together, we succeeded. Now her team will rally again in preparation for November.

Laura made us very proud this year when she championed a bill that reformed occupational licensing laws in Nebraska. She was so successful in working across the aisle that this bill passed 45 to 1! This bill, which is now signed into law, is going to improve the lives of countless Nebraskans for many years to come.

This is such a beautiful story about how one Libertarian can make a substantial impact.

Congrats to Laura and her team on their victory yesterday! And thank you to all of you who have pitched in to help make this happen.

Onward to November!

Lauren Daugherty
Head of Development

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