Libertarian elected mayor, sets precedent for Mississippi

Steve McCluskey

Steve McCluskey, a member of the Mississippi Libertarian Party, was elected mayor of the town of McLain on June 6.

Mr. McCluskey won the three-way race with 52 percent of the vote, defeating the incumbent mayor. He is the first Mississippi Libertarian to be elected to office in the state’s history, according to Richard Winger, editor and publisher of Ballot Access News.

McCluskey shared with 71Republic, for their July 9 coverage of the race, these remarks on his being elected:

It (getting elected) feels great. There are people who look, sound, and think like me throughout Mississippi. They are Libertarians and simply did not know it, like I didn’t know it for many years. They are ‘salt of the earth’ people who care for each other and want to be left alone by the government. I’m proud to give them a voice and am excited to see what the future holds.

“Mayor McCluskey’s election is a milestone for the Libertarian Party of Mississippi,” said Mississippi LP chair Denise Cranford. “We congratulate him on his historic win and we invite other liberty-minded Mississippians to join our growing party.”

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