Border fences poor substitutes for immigration reform

For Immediate Release Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Illegal immigration a product of ineffective government policies

As the federal government scrambles to put up a costly border fence along the Mexico-US border, Libertarian Party spokesperson Andrew Davis is already calling it a “poor substitute for real immigration reform.”

“Illegal immigration is a huge problem in the United States that will only worsen if we continue to play games instead of getting serious about real reform,” says Davis. “Border fences are expensive distractions, paid for by taxpayers, from addressing the causes of illegal immigration.”

Davis says government is to blame for the flood of illegal immigrants into the country, by maintaining a complex immigration process and taxpayer subsidized benefits for illegal immigrants, which both create incentives to immigrate illegally.

“Building a fence won’t fix these problems that are at the heart of why people come to this country illegally,” says Davis.

Patrick Dixon, chairman of the Libertarian Party of Texas, says that “people are breaking the law and entering illegally because it is easier to swim the Rio Grande than to climb the mountain of paperwork.”

“The solution to defending our border and sovereignty must make it easier for peaceful people to enter the country legally,” says Dixon.

The Libertarian Party also says that border fences violate property rights of owners who are forced to surrender land to make way for the fences.

“We understand that we must have a secure border and keep out those who present a threat to national health or security,” says Davis, “but a border fence is not immigration reform.”

By eliminating social programs paid for by taxpayers that go to illegal immigrants and making the immigration process easier for those coming to the country legally, the Libertarian Party believes it will dramatically reduce illegal immigration.

“Immigration policy should be a realistic reflection of our society,” says Davis. “Too much regulation hurts our economy by limiting the pool of cheap labor and creates incentives to enter the country illegally. Too little leaves the United States open to harm. Immigration reform should balance the needs of our economy with the need for domestic security. A border fence does not fully address this need.”

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