Libertarians call on Democrats to end their 'war on dissent'

For Immediate Release Wednesday, August 5, 2009

White House urges followers to report dissenters, Doggett claims LP organizing ‘mobs’

WASHINGTON — Libertarian National Committee Communications Director Donny Ferguson released the following statement Wednesday, after Democratic National Committee Communications Director Brad Woodhouse released a statement Tuesday accusing private citizens opposed to the proposed government takeover of health care of being part of a paid, organized conspiracy against the president:

‘Whether it’s having the Franking Commission censor congressional opponents’ outgoing mail, sliming private citizens who question their agenda or urging their followers to report critics directly to the White House, desperate Democrats have only one way of dealing with Americans’ overwhelming opposition to their radical agenda — using the power of government to silence dissent.

‘After years of paying ACORN radicals to show up at events and having union members take paid vacations to go protest, I can see how Democrats are now incapable of recognizing free speech when they see it. They appear to have conceded the fact their government takeover of health care sends costs skyrocketing, innovation plummeting and waiting lists growing. Unable to sell Americans on the virtues of government control, Democrats have now resorted to trying to silence them.

‘Among them is Congressman Lloyd Doggett, who claimed citizens spontaneously and freely expressing mainstream opinions he didn’t agree with were conspiring with Libertarians to stop government-run medicine. Libertarians didn’t organize this expression of free speech, they’re just joined by millions of other mainstream Americans in opposing this dangerous plan for government-run, rationed care.

‘The Democrat war on dissent reached a peak this week when the White House posted a blog entry urging the president’s followers to find people who criticize the president, even ‘in casual conversation,’ and forward the information to . That is a brazen attempt to bully people into silence by leading them to believe any statements critical of the president will land them on the new version of the ‘White House enemies list.”

‘Libertarians find it ironic a community organizer is now using the government to try and to stop people from organizing their communities. Instead of using official edicts to smear, slander and intimidate everyday Americans into silence, Democrats should listen to the majority of Americans and drop their plans for a radical government takeover of their health care.

‘Libertarians call on President Obama to issue a public apology to the millions of independent-thinking Americans his administration has slimed, to call off his plans to compile the enemies list and to end the Democrats’ use of government power to silence dissent.’

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