Libertarians give voters option to shrink Big Government, advance liberty on Nov. 5

For Immediate Release Monday, November 4, 2013

Libertarian Party On Tuesday, voters in Virginia, New Jersey, New York, Minnesota, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and five other states will have an alternative to voting for a Big Government Democrat or a Big Government Republican. They can vote Libertarian .

Robert Sarvis , Libertarian for governor in Virginia, maintains his record high poll numbers going into the election, running on his promise to make the state “open-minded and open for business.”

Six Libertarians in Virginia are running for the state Assembly on issues ranging from ending the state income tax to ending the failed war on drugs and overturning the state’s prohibition on same-sex marriage.

Ken Kaplan heads the Libertarian ticket in New Jersey, running for governor on phasing out the income tax and the sales tax, legalizing marijuana, repealing anti-gun laws, and pushing back against federal government violations of the Fourth Amendment right to privacy. Four Libertarians are running for seats in the New Jersey legislature.

A record seven Libertarians are on the ballot in New York City, including Michael Sanchez for mayor. He aims to end the ban on private-sector donations of food to the poor and to end the city’s notorious stop-and-frisk policy that grossly infringes on the rights of minorities.

Libertarian Hesham El-Meligy , running for comptroller, promises to make the city’s finances transparent, balance the budget, remove wasteful spending, and push for lower taxes. An additional five Libertarians are running elsewhere in New York.

Seven Libertarians are running for office in Connecticut — including a slate of candidates in Norwich. Twenty Libertarians running locally in Pennsylvania, and eight Libertarians are running for office in Minnesota.

Libertarians will also be on ballots this Tuesday in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Utah, and Washington.

“More than ever, voters in this country want Big Government brought down to size,” said Carla Howell, Political Director for the National Libertarian Party. “They want much less government, lower taxes, more personal freedom, and justice. Many hard-working Libertarian candidates and volunteers will give them that choice on Nov. 5.”

See the full list of Libertarian candidates who will be on Nov. 5 ballots here.