LNC Chair statement on FY10 budget passage

For Immediate Release Friday, April 3, 2009

WASHINGTON – Libertarian National Committee (LNC) Chair William Redpath released the following statement Friday concerning the passage of a $3.5 trillion budget by Congress last night:

‘Yesterday’s passage of a $3.5 trillion budget, stuffed full of wasteful and unconstitutional spending and funded by prosperity-killing tax hikes and deficits, will drive up inflation and is a defeat for families, taxpayers and employers.’

‘This budget not only racks up unsustainable levels of spending, it burdens our already-suffering economy by running a $9.3 trillion cumulative deficit over 10 years – three times higher than the deficits run up by George W. Bush.’

‘The measure also contains troubling provisions that could expand government control of health care and install a so-called ‘cap and trade’ system that is actually a $646 billion national tax on consumers that drives up the cost of utility bills and will destroy jobs in the midst of an economic recovery.’

‘The Libertarian Party will continue to fight to elect candidates who will vote only for budgets that adhere to constitutional restraints and sound economics. Libertarians support a budget that authorizes only essential, constitutionally-authorized programs funded only by minimal taxation.’

‘That is the policy that at one time made our United States the most prosperous and free nation the world has known. It is the only realistic and sustainable policy to restore our prosperity and liberty.’

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