The Libertarian Party opposes the No Fly No Buy bill and other restrictions without due process

For Immediate Release Monday, June 20, 2016

ALEXANDRIA — The Libertarian Party opposes the No Fly List, “no buy” lists, and other such lists where the government infringes on a person’s rights without due process of law.

In recent years, the federal government has used “the war on terror” as an excuse to encroach on our most fundamental human rights.

Warrant-less wiretapping, detaining prisoners for years without trials in Guantanamo Bay, “no fly” lists that are compiled secretly and without due process, and similar “no buy” lists all violate the human rights of Americans and non-Americans alike.

Our founders would be horrified and every American should be too.

Our country claims to stand as a beacon for “liberty and justice for all” and yet there is no liberty and no justice in these breaches of our rights.

The presumptive Republican and Democratic Presidential nominees have stated their support for many of these programs.

In contrast, Libertarian National Committee chair, Nicholas Sarwark, says, “There shouldn’t be a no-fly list, terrorist watch list, or any other secret government list you can be put on without due process of law.” Gary Johnson, the Libertarian nominee for President agrees.

In recent days, Congress has been debating a “No Fly No Buy” bill which would prevent people listed on the No Fly list from buying firearms.

The Libertarian Party urges Congress to vote down any bill, such as this one, that infringes upon rights without due process. Due process is one of the most critical elements of our justice system, designed to protect our rights. It must be respected and upheld, no matter the circumstances.

Currently, the No Fly List is so casual that Americans are at risk of being denied access to commercial travel because of clerical errors. This is a terrible injustice. The idea of using such a flawed No Fly List as a guide for restricting other rights, such as gun ownership, is appalling.

If the government has evidence egregious enough that a person should be prevented from boarding a plane, the government needs to take this evidence to court and have a fair and open hearing to determine whether the person in question should have his/her rights denied. If someone is found to be plotting violence, they should be arrested immediately and prosecuted.

The Libertarian Party is the only political party in America devoted to protecting all rights, of all human beings, all the time. The Libertarian Party also strongly condemns the use of force except in self defense.