'We don't mind you shutting down'

For Immediate Release Monday, August 4, 2008

As Congress plays games, taxpayers get a break from big spending

While Republicans threaten a government shutdown over a fight with Democrats on offshore drilling, the Libertarian Party says such a dramatic step wouldn’t be so bad.

“We don’t mind Congress shutting down,” says Andrew Davis, spokesperson for the Libertarian Party. “At least taxpayers will get a break from Congress’ spending spree. Anything that government does to decrease how active it is in passing new laws and spending taxpayer money is something the Libertarian Party fully supports.”

According to an article in today’s Washington Times , Republicans have threatened to vote against passing a resolution that will fund the government — something Davis says “would be like an early Christmas for taxpayers.”

“When government shuts down, taxpayers win,” says Davis. “Whatever we can do to delay the half-trillion dollar budget is a fantastic thing.”

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