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Mark Tippetts, 2018 Libertarian candidate for governor of Texas, visits the state capitol.

Amarillo Pioneer: Four Texas Libertarian candidates set records in statewide races

Libertarian Mark Tippetts was excluded from the Texas gubernatorial debate this election, but that did not stop a record-breaking number of his fellow Texans from choosing him for the state’s highest executive office. The Amarillo Pioneer reported on Tippetts and the three other Texas Libertarian candidates who share the distinction of having garnered unprecedented vote totals […]

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Jeff Sessions

The good and bad of Jeff Sessions getting fired

On Nov. 7, President Donald Trump demanded the resignation of U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions, effectively firing him from the position. Sessions had a dismal and destructive track record of supporting prohibitionist policies, draconian border controls and inhumane enforcement tactics, and authoritarian brutality in law enforcement. It’s good that he’s gone. Sessions will be replaced, […]

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Politics in America: Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians

Libertarian candidates move Republicans and Democrats in a Libertarian direction

Opposition in an election affects far more than just vote totals. Candidates react to each other and their messaging changes to capture voter interest. Over and over, electoral races that include a strong Libertarian campaign have proven to move the rhetoric of both Democratic and Republican candidates in a more Libertarian direction. As Republicans worry […]

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We the People are taking a stand

‘We The People’ membership drive

We the people are taking a stand… join us as a member. Your Libertarian Party membership sends a clear signal to the Rs and Ds that you want better, and demand better, from our electoral system and that you support liberty-focused ideas and solutions. Your membership dues help fund our critical outreach and projects.

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Nicholas Sarwark and his son Zane


Friend, Over the past two years, we put so much into preparing for the 2018 elections. On Election Day, we made gains across the country that are the fruit of those labors and investments. We sent you a press release yesterday outlining some of these achievements. The 2018 election cycle brought the rhetoric that we […]

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2018 Libertarian Election Results

Libertarians win local races, achieve ballot access, prevail on initiatives

The Nov. 6 election brought several significant victories for the Libertarian Party, including winning local races for public office in Florida, Kentucky, Minnesota, and Tennessee. Even in some states without a winning candidate, Libertarian vote totals were high enough to secure the party’s ballot access for future elections in Indiana, Massachusetts, New York, Oklahoma, Wyoming, […]

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Make freedom your single issue.

Vote Libertarian Today!

Dear Libertarian, I am asking you to vote today. Libertarians are notorious for not voting. This hurts our cause. I know all the lines about how “it is just one vote” and “it won’t make a difference.” But collectively, it does make a difference … sometimes a HUGE difference. The vast majority of you will […]

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8 key ballot access races

8 key ballot access races

Each election cycle, the Libertarian Party works hard to get our candidates on as many ballots across the country as we can. The results on Election Day will determine how much time, money, and effort will be needed to achieve ballot access in 50 states plus D.C. for our 2020 presidential nominee, just as we […]

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I vote Libertarian

Want to achieve real change? Vote Libertarian

We’ve all heard the old George Santayana adage, often paraphrased as “those who don’t study history are doomed to repeat it.” A New Yorker cartoon by Tom Toro added a new angle: “Yet those who do study history are doomed to stand by helplessly while everyone else repeats it.” As we approach another national election, […]

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TV screen image of Kash Jackson speaking on stage at a mic wearing grey suit white shirt striped tie, blue backdrop featuring logos of Telemundo Chicago and NBC (peacock) Chicago Channel 5 (color image)

Libertarian Jackson featured in televised forum, NPR feature article, in Illinois gubernatorial race

Libertarian candidate Grayson “Kash” Jackson participated in a televised forum with his three Illinois gubernatorial rivals: incumbent Republican Bruce Rauner, Democrat J.B. Pritzker, and William “Sam” McCann of the Conservative Party. The moderator and audience members asked the candidates to address such issues as state taxation and spending, migration out of the state, lack of […]

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Reason magazine logo/masthead, solid orange square over solid dark grey rectangle, text in white 'reason' and 'Free Minds and Free Markets' (color graphic)

Reason: Polling data analysis negates Republican claims of Libertarians as ‘spoilers’

In a post at Reason magazine’s Hit & Run blog, Matt Welch makes the counterintuitive case that inclusion of Libertarian gubernatorial candidates in otherwise “disgracefully inadequate” voter polls has been shown to increase the chances for Republican candidates, more than for Democrats. Through his analysis of polling data from several races nationwide, Welch renders moot […]

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TV screen image of Lisa Kennedy Montgomery in dark green dress and eyeglasses hosting her show, looking to her right and gesturing, text on screen 'Kennedy' and 'Libertarian solutions to America's health care problems' and 'Fox Business' (color image)

Three candidates promote Libertarian solutions on ‘Kennedy’

Lisa “Kennedy” Montgomery interviewed three Libertarian candidates on her eponymous show on the Fox Business network: Larry Sharpe, running for governor of New York, Tim Silfies, running for U.S. house in Pennsylvania’s 7th district, and Matt Waters of Virginia, running for U.S. senate. After Kennedy congenially encouraged them to work together to “defeat the establishment,” […]

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