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U.S. Supreme Court

Reason: Supreme Court Delivers Unanimous Victory for Asset Forfeiture Challenge

Last February, the US Supreme Court made the monumental decision that the Eighth Amendment prohibition against excessive fines and fees applies to states as well, opening a new way to challenge outlandish forfeitures. From on February 20, 2019: States are bound by the Eighth Amendment’s prohibition against excessive fines and fees when they seek […]

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Justice is supposed to be blind, but should it also be expensive?

The Libertarian Party has championed many cases before the U. S. Supreme Court, including our most recent First Amendment case, and we sympathize with the extraordinary costs of seeking relief. Fundamentally, the federal government has created a system where it restricts liberty through application and enforcement of laws. “The US Constitution clearly talks about a […]

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Virginia Libertarians rally around political newcomer ahead of Election Day

From the Martinsville Bulletin on November 2, 2019: With only a couple of days left before Tuesday’s election, the Martinsville Libertarians are especially hard at work. Not an official affiliate of the Libertarian Party, the Martinsville group still shares the same ideals as the national organization and visits local neighborhoods sharing their political leanings. This […]

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LNC Chair Nicholas Sarwark: The Case for Our Own Party

CATO Unbound invited LNC Chair Nicholas Sarwark, chairman of the Republican Liberty Caucus Matt Nye, and journalist Graham Vyse to write essays on whether Libertarians should work through the Libertarian, Republican, or Democratic Parties to achieve freedom. Mr. Sarwark started the conversation with “Be Libertarian: The Case for Our Own Party”: American politics has devolved […]

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WLWT-TV interviews Kentucky LP candidate for Governor

WLWT-TV, the NBC affiliate in Cincinnati, Ohio,  interviewed Kentucky Libertarian Party candidate for Governor John Hicks on October 29: When Kentuckians head to the polls on Nov. 5, most of them will be deciding between Republican Gov. Matt Bevin and Democratic Attorney General Andy Beshear. But there’s a third name on the ballot in the […]

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Arkansas Libertarians nominate candidates for 2020 elections

An article on Talk Business and Politics, a daily news site in Arkansas, on October 27, 2019, discussed the Libertarian Party of Arkansas nomination of candidates for the 2020 election. The article also discusses why the party had to nominate the candidates so early. The Libertarian Party of Arkansas nominated candidates for next year’s U.S. […]

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Meet us in Miami

The Libertarian Party will be hosting a pool side dinner and discussion with elected Libertarian officials in Florida. We’d love for you to join us. The panel will be moderated by former LNC Chair and current the elected Commissioner of Altamonte Springs, Florida. Jim Turney grew up in the Carolinas, Texas and Virginia before he […]

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Ellen and Roger Misbach

Libertarian candidates win fight for ballot access in Connecticut

From on October 14, 2019: Libertarian candidates Roger and Ellen Misbach settled a lawsuit against the Secretary of the State and their names will appear on the [Meriden] November mayoral and City Council ballot. Roger Misbach sued the Secretary of the State’s office and Secretary Denise Merrill for denying ballot access to the Misbachs over […]

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Long-time Libertarian Creates Governing Body In Detroit

Below is a press release, issued on October 1, 2019, from long-time Libertarian Party activist and candidate Scotty Boman. At first glance it may seem ironic that a Libertarian would create a governing body of any kind, but this one receives no tax revenue and makes no laws. It has no enforcement powers either. Detroit […]

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The winning membership card design is…

Voting for the Libertarian Party’s membership card design for the upcoming year has closed and we have a winner! Using Opavote to conduct this poll with ranked-choice voting (RVC), active members of the Libertarian Party were asked to vote between the following options:   A total of 2,149 members participated, which is an increase of […]

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