Press Releases and Party News

Ballot Access as of September 5, 2018

Three more victories!

Dear Libertarian, Months and months of hard work have been paying off as we cross the ballot-access finish line in more states. This week, we add Connecticut, New York, and Pennsylvania to the tally. That puts us at ballot access in 48 states (plus DC) for 2018! It is also worth noting and celebrating that […]

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Gov. Gary Johnson announced his campaign for U.S. Senate at an Aug. 16 press conference in Albuquerque, N.M.

Libertarians plan to win this November

Libertarian Party candidates throughout the United States are walking the walk necessary to win elections this fall, at all levels of government. Gov. Gary Johnson announced his campaign for U.S. Senate at an Aug. 16 press conference in Albuquerque, N.M. In a recently announced high-profile race, former two-term New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson is running […]

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State CRM Project Update

Database update

Dear Libertarian, Last week, I told you about a special opportunity to have your donation DOUBLED, as we work to provide a customized database for state and local parties. I’m happy to share with you that since then Libertarians have contributed $5,336 towards this project! That has been doubled to $10,672! And, that has funded […]

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Masthead of the Sun Journal newspaper out of Maine; text 'Sun Journal' in balck on white background (graphic image)

Libertarian Party appoints Lafrance as interim county commissioner in Maine

In July, Libertarian Zachery Maher took the job of town manager in Mechanic Falls, Maine, so he resigned from his role as Androscoggin County commissioner. The Libertarian Party had the prerogative to choose Maher’s interim replacement, and Libertarian Ray Lafrance, formerly a town selectman and captain in the sheriff’s office, accepted the party’s appointment. This […]

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Freedom in the 50 States

What would elected Libertarians do?

Voters often ask Libertarians what they would actually do to change policy if they were elected. What would a Libertarian society look like? It’s a fair question. Through research, campaigning, press releases, and other forms of outreach, Libertarians at all levels do work on explaining the nuts and bolts of how to promote freedom through […]

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Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!

Immigrants benefit the United States

In a recent story, the Orlando Sentinel wrote about a local official who had quoted the libertarian-leaning former radio host Neal Boortz when he tweeted, “name just ONE country that was improved in ANY WAY by the addition of more Muslims.” The answer is easy: The United States. This country is home to countless success […]

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State CRM Project

Revolutionize your state party’s capabilities!

Dear Libertarian, Our state and local parties are the front lines of the Libertarian Party. The national party works throughout the election cycle to help them in a variety of ways. Right now, we are building tech systems that will revolutionize the capabilities of our state and local parties. To be as effective as possible, […]

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