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NY Gov. Cuomo announces limited venue reopenings after lawsuit is filed

UPDATE: Just hours after Dani Zoldan publicized his lawsuit against the Cuomo Administration via Larry Sharpe’s show, The Sharpe Way, Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced entertainment venues in New York would begin reopening with limited capacity starting April 2. Read below for more information about Zoldan’s lawsuit. New York City comedy club owner Dani Zoldan filed […]

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15 Days to Stop the Spread… One year later

It’s March 2021. We have been living within some sort of COVID-19 affected reality for one year. In some ways it feels like this started just a few months ago; in other ways, it’s hard to remember life before the pandemic. If we rewind just one year — before 500,000 COVID-related deaths and at least […]

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Affiliate In A Box Contest

Affiliate in a Box Contest

  Our Affiliate Support Committee has launched their Affiliate in a Box contest!  Does your local affiliate have the best toolbox in the Party?  Details on how to enter and win at:

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Spike Cohen and Kennedy Discuss Fallout of Capitol Riots

Former Vice-Presidential candidate Spike Cohen appeared Thursday on the FOX Business channel’s “Kennedy” to discuss what the fallout may be from the Capitol riots of January 6. “This is what government does: They fail, they use their failure as an excuse to push for more laws that give them more control over our lives, and […]

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Libertarian Party

Statement on Jan. 6th Capitol Violence

On Wednesday, January 6, as the U.S. Capitol building was being breached, Libertarian National Committee Chair Joe Bishop-Henchman issued the following statement: “This is not patriotism. This is not protesting. This is reprehensible violence and aggression and needs to stop now. We hope safety for all those who work in the Capitol.” Since the party’s […]

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John Andrews

Maine State Rep. John Andrews Joins the Libertarian Party

***FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE*** REP. JOHN ANDREWS JOINS LIBERTARIAN PARTY Maine State Representative John Andrews, announced on Monday that he is joining the Libertarian Party. “I hope that many free thinking and liberty-minded Mainers will join me in taking this step,” Andrews said in his announcement. “Standing together on principle, we can have a positive impact […]

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USA Today: Not a Republican, not a Democrat: Wyoming’s Marshall Burt wins Libertarian Party’s first statehouse seat since 2002

From USA Today on November 5, 2020: The Libertarian Party earned a historic victory Tuesday [November 3], clinching a statehouse seat for the first time in nearly two decades. Marshall Burt was elected to the Wyoming House of Representatives in its 39th district, defeating Democrat incumbent Stan Blake, said Bob Johnston on the Libertarian National Committee. “This is only the […]

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Donald Rainwater

Smart Politics: Libertarian Gubernatorial Nominees Set Record Highs in Four States

The nation’s third largest party continues to make bigger footprints in multiple statewide races. From Smart Politics on November 24, 2020: Smart Politics recently profiled the record-setting performances Libertarians and other third party candidates had this cycle across nine states in elections for the U.S. Senate. This report’s focus is on gubernatorial elections – for which […]

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