What matters to you?

Dear Libertarian,

People often ask me “what does the national party do?” My answer is, “tons of stuff.”

Truly, oodles.

We have a small team that does a huge variety of things, everyday, on your behalf.

Here’s a sample of some of the things we are working on right now. If you are passionate about one or more of these, I encourage you to donate towards that work.

None of this is possible without the support of Libertarians like you.

Preserving our history
We are currently preserving, scanning, and uploading many thousands of documents so that our history is preserved for future generations.

Producing videos
We’ve produced several short videos this year, outlining the Libertarian point-of-view on important topics. We’d like to do more and potentially also produce tv-quality commercials. If you would like this to happen, please donate.

Ballot access in Ohio
“Ballot access”  is political speak for “getting candidates on ballots”, which is of course the primary objective of any political party. Ohio has some of the most tyrannical ballot access laws in the country. We are about 90% done with our work to get on the ballot in Ohio for the 2018 elections.

Ballot access in New York
We are just beginning the ballot access work in New York for 2018. If you want Larry Sharpe to be on the ballot in November, please donate!

Ballot access in Tennessee
We are about 30% done with our ballot access drive in Tennessee.

Legal offense
Year-round, we pursue court cases in various states and nationwide in pursuit of fair treatment for our national party, state parties, and candidates. We don’t ask for special treatment. We just ask that the system is fair for all, including us. We have real wins in this arena on a regular basis.

Affiliate support
If you’d like to support our work to help build state and county parties, donate to the Affiliate Support Fund. We employ a full-time staffer who builds websites, helps upgrade infrastructure, provide training, and more.

Database for state parties
Modern IT is essential in politics. To help our state parties grow and thrive, we are building a custom database that is well suited to their needs and easy to use. Ten states are already using it and we are working to expand it so that every state that wants to us it can have access.

Help re-elect Laura Ebke
Laura Ebke is a state senator in Nebraska and she’s been making us proud. Right now she’s up for re-election and is facing off against to Republicans in a primary on May 15. The top two will then proceed on to the November election. We are sending a team to help Laura in the final days before the May 15 election. If you’d like to help, please donate.

Preparing for the 2018 national convention
The 2018 Libertarian Party National Convention will be in New Orleans, June 30 to July 3. Registrations have been of the charts and show the growth of our party. If you’d like to help sponsor this event, there are many options. Here are just a few:

sponsoring name badges,

joining the Welcoming Committee,

hosting a table at the gala, or

sponsoring an ad in the convention book.

If you haven’t registered for the convention but plan to attend, register soon, because space is limited!

As always, thanks for your support!

Wes Benedict
Executive Director

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